Thursday, May 10, 2012

Purple and Green, and Comfort

This is from Friday, May 4th, way out of order - I found the photo in my mail box somewhere under the pile of pics from Ben's show, last minute frantic emails about the Rotary fundraiser, and some thoughtful back and forth with Heidi about shoes.

This is actually what I wore to the fundraiser two weeks ago (I did wash everything in between), though technically I was supposed to be wearing my Rotary sweater.  I forgot.

Talbot's green velvet jacket, J. Jill wine-colored cords, and a Lord and Taylor top in lovely flowy chiffon. The shoes are my Ecco black stalwarts. I have been feeling a little podgy around the middle lately, and this outfit is both pretty colors and very comfortable. Ha - I just did a Chic Librarian blog search for the word "comfortable" and got 33 hits.
There are very few things in my cool weather closet that are not perfectly comfortable. I have a couple pairs of pants (no more than three) that are a trifle low cut and give me a bit of muffin-osity. One or two skirts are a trifle snug in the waist. There are also a few items that are a bit too loose occasionally, like these wine-colored cords. They are a relief when I went out for Greek food for dinner and have a salt hangover the next day. Truly, if I didn't like salty food so much, everything would fit perfectly!

I know the lighting isn't everything it could be here. It's all coming from over my head, so my hair looks very shiny, but the colors of my bottom half are muddy. I could put another light source on the floor, maybe. Certainly I could make the effort for dark pants and skirts. I take pictures in the evening after work, and the cats are snarling for dinner, and I'm often feeling a little snarly too, so the pics are taken in that first ten minutes after I walk in the door. You can see, above, that I fed them first, and that Buffy is shoving Riley aside to get at his food dish.

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