Thursday, May 31, 2012

A "Good" Color

Whenever I wear my canteloupe linen jacket I get a compliment, usually on the lines of "Great color on you!" Yet orange is one of those colors that people think is hard to wear. I've never had my colors done, and I think maybe I'm a summer or summer/fall? I have blotchy rosy skin and light brown eyes, so winter is out, and most of the spring colors are too pale for me. Except pale pink which I have expounded on before. But orange LOVES me, and this is why I have at least five orange jackets and sweaters.

The weather went from the 90s to the 60s overnight (what a relief, I say), so I started with the Talbot's skirt, which has two layers of cotton and is fairly substantial. This was also my chance to wear my Born boots again, my feet being tired from wearing flimsy sandals all weekend. Then I more or less said eeny meeny miney moe to pick the jacket, hoping it would all work out.

The jacket isn't particularly flattering in cut, being kind of boxy, even a little mumsy. CONCLUSION: COLOR TRUMPS ALL.

Underneath I have a white tee with a slather of bugle beads, and a Talbot's bracelet that looks heavy but isn't, as the "stones" are all plastic. 
Talbot's, of course
Should I buy the matching necklace?
I discovered this week that this is my ONLY short-sleeved white top (lots of ivory and beige versions), and that I have NO short-sleeved black tops (lots of sleeveless shells). So I might have to use up that Lord and Taylor gift card in my wallet.



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  1. Hey, I'm wearing my orange sweater today over a black dress with a skinny orange belt. I also thought of you and the curse of too-small accessories, so I'm wearing a cluster of three sparkly pins, all of which have some orange in them. So far no one has made a Halloween crack about the orange/black combo, but the day is young.

    Yes, you should buy a short-sleeved black top.