Monday, May 14, 2012

Comfort is Not Everything

Friday outfits tend to be based on a certain sentiment of "Yay! Nearly the weekend!" Sometimes this leads to trouble. Here I am trying to create a waist for myself in such an ensemble.

Good luck with that. A belt would have helped, but that wouldn't have been perfectly COMFY. This was, however, perfect for lying on the couch watching Grimm. As a rule of thumb, a work outfit should not be the same outfit you wear to be a couch potato.

I had a perfectly lovely weekend. Saturday morning I attended a memorial service for the wife of a Rotary friend. A sad occasion, yes, but I almost always find memorials very revealing and heartening. The family tells stories, shares history and reminds us all to behave as we'd like to be remembered. This lady, whom I had met only once, seemed to have lived her many decades with joy and vim and faith. She surely wasn't a saint, but as her 60-something daughter said, "I want to be like you when I grow up."

Getting to and from the service involved a two mile walk, admiring gardens and lilac trees and enjoying all the good smells of spring. After that I felt virtuous enough to eat lunch and take a nap. Then I read a new-to-me author (Kerry Greenwood) for the rest of the day, alternating with laundry, etc. (but not very MUCH work).

Sunday was my Mother's Day treat, in which I get to spend the day with Ben. This year was lunch, The Avengers (thumbs up, Joss!), a latte and stroll around the beautiful Elmhurst College campus, capped off by the senior voice recital of one of Ben's wildly talented friends. His mother was also in the audience, and he did two special songs for her which got us all choked up. 

Andrew sang a classical program of lieder and Mozart and one particularly moving song called Come Ready and See Me. So beautiful. The second half of the recital was contemporary music, with a chorus of friends; Sondheim, MacDermot, Schwartz, etc. I LOVE show tunes, and I was surprised how much more I liked the classical program. A chance to hear Andrew's voice unadorned.

I hope every mother had half as nice a day as I did.   

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  1. Would be cute with a wide belt or obi. Which is easy to remove for napping purposes.

    I spent my Sunday in basically jammies while I did laundry. I'm celebrating with Mom next weekend.