Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red and Brown, Farewell to Boots

I have really resisted the move to regular shoes, or Heaven forfend, sandals, this year. We had that aberrant and fabulous heat wave in March, and even then I could not bring myself to unveil my toes.

However, I've faced reality, and this is the last you'll see of these red boots. 

From the ground up: Boden red boots, Boden red and brown skirt, Talbots brown cotton twinset, slightly shrubby hair.

I am going to try boots with skirts this summer. My Born boots are comfortable without socks or tights, so they're a possibility. I find boots so much more comfortable than most shoes. I hate to put them away in their little coffins for months.

Because I'm missing my old garden in Skokie a bit, here are a few pictures of it in full June glory.
Tulips, sage, allium, lilacs

Ruby wiegela
Burgundy irises
I am not unmindful that pride is a sin.

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  1. I think shorter boots can look cute with skirts in the summer as long as it's not 90 out.

    Want to come help me help me with any of the 8 weed-ridden flower beds around my house? Curses to whomever thought all that dirt was fun. There's really nothing I dislike more than gardening. I can't tell weeds from flowers until it's too late. And I want to do it once (whether that's planting or weeding or watering) and be done. I guess that's not how nurturing works? It's a miracle that my cats remain among the living.