Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Wore for Graduation

We were so lucky Saturday morning. We had some cloud cover, a breeze, and the threatening storms stayed north of us. I still got a "ring of fire" sunburn following the line of my cardigan. I put on sunblock on my face and neck, but didn't quite go far enough.

In our faces, I see pride, relief, happiness, fatigue and a soupcon of sadness. I've long thought that because Ben chose to go to school near us, I got a four year reprieve from full-time empty nest syndrome.  He came by many weekends to do laundry and hang out, see a movie or go for sushi. His next move will likely be more final, and I'll have to find new friends with whom to eat sushi.

After the ceremony, he had to run back to his house and throw his stuff in boxes - they had to be out by that afternoon. Then we drove up to his Dad's house for an afternoon-long barbecue and reminiscence festival.

I can't even begin to sum up how I feel, except to say it was a BIG DEAL.

He really liked the DKNY suit, though. He said he felt like James Bond (the Daniel Craig version, of course).

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  1. Big deal, indeed.

    Whoa, for a second I thought you were going to announce that Daniel Craig was going to be joining you for sushi.