Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jacket and a Skirt, Rinse and Repeat

Bored now.

Brown linen Talbot's jacket, chiffon Loft sleeveless top, ivory linen Talbot's skirt, red born flats. I do love that skirt. I bought it at the tail end of October last year, and this is the first time I've worn it. It has horizontal raw edge tucks, which are interesting in their own right, and also conceal the inevitable wrinkles. (Ben took this picture, which is why both my head AND my feet are visible. The limits of where you can put a tripod in my kitchen are apparent.)

Tuesday: the exciting PANTS variation!

Yellow Talbot's cardigan, white L & T tee, white RL jeans, cognac Chiang sandals, Alexander McQueen knockoff scarf. I adore the scarf; not just leopard spots but little skulls!

$29 via Shopstyleinch on eBay!
Wednesday: I didn't even bother photographing that ensemble. Brown denim jacket, green and brown floral skirt, green drape-neck tank, brown sandals. Perfectly presentable, just not very interesting.

Black linen Talbot's jacket, polka dot RL top, orange silk Talbot's skirt, black suede kitten heels.  This outfit is a spin on this orange and navy combo, which in turn is an interpretation/happy coincidence of this magazine cover:

Relatively few of my choices are influenced by library literature. Nonetheless, someday I will achieve this look, circa 1972:




1 comment:

  1. 1. Please tell me you're not actually hoarding LJs from throughout history.

    2. There's been speculation that you know the fabulous dude on the cover. True or false?

    3. I didn't buy it, but now think I must have that orange skirt.

    4. And possibly something fringed. It looks great when you're running to help patrons.

    5. LOVE the scarf.

    6. Both the yellow scarf and cardi would look summery cute with the orange skirt. Just sayin'.

    7. Talbot's Outlet. 50 - 80% off everything. Might have to take a trip up north.....