Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lilac and Periwinkle and Silver

The title sounds like I'm awa' with the fairies. Today's outfit is a melange of older kibbles and bits.

Seriously, Ben takes so much better pictures than I do. I'm wearing a silk Kate Hill jacket, a crinkled cotton eBay skirt, silver Talbot's shoes and a cotton top that was a sister-in-law gift (as was the bracelet). The top has a very sweet bitty print in lilac, purple, aqua and lime - goes with everything. The skirt is lovely to walk in; two light swishy layers.

Closeup with bad color!
The shoes are favorites, though starting to look a little tatty. I got them at the Talbot's outlet store in Park Ridge for about $15 and I wear them a lot in the summer. Though now that my feet have rebelled, these little flats are an indulgence, not daily fare.

But they're so SHINY!

I'm always on the lookout for metallic shoes. I used to have a pair of Van Eli's in gold with a Louis heel. They were ridiculous and yet went with everything. The real problem with metallic shoes is that they cannot be polished, so they age quickly.

So here I am, wearing some older items while I have the following, UNWORN pieces in my closet:

Navy lace Talbot's pencil skirt (Talbot's)
Emerald green jersey shift dress (Ann Taylor)
Navy bi-stretch bootleg trousers (Talbot's)
Ivory lady jacket (Talbot's)
Crinkled print maxi skirt (L & T)
Navy pique three button jacket (Talbot's)
Yellow and black cotton Nine West top (eBay)
Animal print stretch Dana Buchman dress (eBay)

There's definitely a navy theme, eh? Although these are all the unworn pieces I can bring to mind right now, there may well be more. And it's not that I don't like these items or am experiencing buyer's remorse. None of them are fur-lined or otherwise inappropriate for the season. I just haven't made the effort to get them out of the closet and style them.

Interestingly, these were mostly things I bought because "I needed them." I needed a navy jacket which was three season, it would go with everything. I had no navy slacks and kept wishing I had a pair. I thought the ivory jacket would fancy up a few skirts  and dresses. (In it's defense, it is a little too big on me and was final sale. I've been debating the merits of having it tailored.) I needed more short sleeve summer tops, and I just plain coveted a maxi skirt, for when you want to - but can't - wear pants.

My next challenge appears to have been spelled out for me, non?

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  1. You looked lovely in-person in that outfit. :)

    Just wash the ivory jacket in hot water. Or...maybe not.