Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lime and Tangerine and a Useful Acronym

The day started with a fun skirt and a bright orange tee, which I tried to marry to my military jacket.
It was a Kardashian marriage, sadly. I really like that jacket, but I'm not sure it particularly likes me. Second try:

Better! This Jones New York linen jacket is shorter, lighter and less detailed (tiny, invisible pockets and buttons). I remember seeing this jacket on a mannequin at Field's and thinking, "That jacket is for me." It was like seeing a cute boy at a party, except I didn't go home with it that night; it took a few months to own it.

My shoes look a little clog-y in the picture, but cuter (I hope) from the side and a less top-down view.
Beloved Arturo Chiang sandals.

    M= misleading: factually inaccurate (makes you look wide, short, ill or otherwise not yourself)

    U= ugly: beyond mending or rebinding (this also goes for threadbare, stained, overly shiny, etc.)

    S= superseded by a new edition or by a much better book on the subject (there's a reason you don't own a Members Only jacket, unless it is worn ironically. And even then.)

    T= trivial: of no discernible literary or scientific merit (everyone's list is different, and mine currently includes ankle bracelets, ear cuffs, and flip-flops)

    I= irrelevant to the needs and interests of the library’s community (do you need a ball gown, a bowling shirt, a vintage fur or a scuba suit?)

    E= elsewhere: the material is easily obtainable from another library (this is less applicable; on the other hand, for a long time I borrowed a specific piece of luggage from a friend every few years so I didn't have to buy my own.)

MUSTIE is courtesy of Rebecca Vnuk, who is quoting The CREW method. (

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