Thursday, June 28, 2012

NEW Challenge - The Maxi Skirt

Here 'tis. I bought this over the weekend at Lord and Taylor, after trying it on a few weeks prior. It had gone on sale, I had the remainder of a gift card, the stars were in alignment, the time was right.

Also pictured, my faithful black linen jacket, "sepia" washed silk tank, and comfy Clarks sandals. Tonight is the board meeting, so I need to look professional (but not too powerful) and be comfortable. The skirt is chiffon with a black underlayer; perfectly discreet, though I have already caught it under the wheels of my desk chair. That might be a headache at the meeting.

Skirt closeup

The shiny blur in the full photo is this enamel brooch, which I KNOW came from Alaska, and I THINK was a gift from my ex's sister. That was decades ago, people. It's weighty.

Nearly palm-sized!
P.S. The skirt WAS a good choice for the meeting. I didn't realize how much of me was visible on camera!

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