Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink and Black

Hello again! I've been off having fun in the city, at the movies, and shopping. Occasionally at the same time! My city buddy is also an excellent shopping buddy: "You must buy that right now." You'll be seeing what she was referring to very soon, my friends.

Friday I wore a skirt and t-shirt and flats to walk all over Chicago on a hot day. By the time I came home my feet had mutinied." Get some supportive sandals OR ELSE!" Now, supportive sandals is not my favorite phrase. When I see that stylish 70-year-old woman at Nordstrom, that's what she's wearing. I don't want to pay that much for ugly shoes.

But I didn't want to be abandoned on a desert island like William Bligh by my feet, either, so I went to William's in Evanston on Sunday and tried on every pair of supportive sandals that I could stand. I bought these:
Clarks Un. Port (the dot is silent).
They are a nice pewter color and not TOO orthopedic looking. I guess. I wore them back into the city on Monday for a couple of miles of NeoCon, and they passed that audition. Moderate arch support, no rubbing anywhere, very light and pretty good cushioning. Now there's some faint praise.

It makes me think about the influence of aging on what I wear. I've mentioned my middle-aged feet, and I'm inclined this summer to cover my upper arms, both to conceal my many speckles and protect them from more sun damage. I saw a woman in the library that was 25 years older than me, and her outfit was only a slight variation of what I might wear. Her white pants were double-knit, not jeans, her cardigan might have been Jones New York, and her sandals were way too close to mine for comfort, frankly.

So how can I dress to accommodate my aging joints and changing perspective on covering up, without turning myself into a pensioner 20 years too soon? It feels like I got over thinking I'm fat in every picture to worrying that I look like Grandma.

This is what I wore above the shoes.

That's an Athleta skirt, a Boden tank, and a random eBay cardigan (I liked the color). I'm wearing pink and sparkly jewelry:

I have a couple of thoughts on young vs. old:

  1. it isn't about age. The choice is stylish vs. frumpy.
  2. Denim instead of polyester. Short(ish) skirts instead of pants or midi skirts.
  3. Very expensive shoes don't look as orthopedic.
  4. Stop shopping at Macy's.
  5. Dear Lord, don't ever stop coloring your hair again.
  6. Pack away the shawls. The combination of 5 and 6 was particularly deadly.

As always, other voices have said this earlier and better:

Angie at You Look Fab: Identifying the Frump Factor 

In the end, it's like feeling fat; there's always someone out there who will make you feel thin and someone who makes you feel fat. Concentrate on the former. And keep the judging in your head if possible, though that's another blog post, because I am the most judgmental person in the world out on the street.

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  1. i didn't get a chance to tell you, but this outfit (and that pink cardigan) was spectacular on you!

    I had a pair of Clarks sandals i wore all over Europe (and hiked part of the Inca Trail in). There are times for style and times for comfort. When your number one goal is enjoying yourself and absorbing every last iota of an experience, you don't want to miss one minute being distracted by your aching feet (-: