Friday, June 29, 2012

NEW Challenge - Blue Summer Sweater

This Jones New York purchase dates back to last fall, a really good sale price and a 15% off coupon at Lord and Taylor. A white tank and white jeans and white Riekers complete the stylin' nurse look. It was over 100 degrees the day I wore this, and I'm glad I only had to go outside for a few minutes. Even our hefty building AC couldn't compensate for the heat, humidity and the dozens of extra people seeking relief in the library.

Hanging in my closet for nine months without a wearing; that is the price of shopping on sale. The sweater is basically see-through, and looks very odd over a print, which limits its wearability, but it looked so good with white that I didn't mind it being a specialist. It would fly with ivory, and possibly black, too.

1 comment:

  1. "Stylin' nurse." Ha! It would look nice with beige, brown, most pastels, and possibly the right orange. Pretty!

    Having said that, I have a sheer Eileen Fisher sweater the nearly the same color that rarely gets worn. Maybe I'll try harder. I think it's partly linen so might be bearable in the heat.