Monday, June 4, 2012

Bright Dress, Dark Jacket

I love the Kohl's dresses I've found on eBay. Love the stretchy polyester, love the flattering A-line, love the bright colors. The only thing I don't love is the feeling that I'm wearing something A. possibly made by nine-year-olds for ten cents an hour, and B. worn by nine billion American women.

I feel marginally safer with this one, because it was fairly expensive for Kohl's, being Dana Buchman, and also because this hot pink and black print surely would not appeal to all those imaginary gals.
Over it is a Studio 148 jacket that I love for its great fit, but which is a cat hair MAGNET. My Sticky Buddy (tm) came in handy this morning. You wouldn't think sateen would be so clingy.

I have on a bloodstone ring from eBay and a goth-y bracelet from Talbot's. I have a similar necklace, but it seemed a bit much with the leather and silver belt that came with the dress.

The perfect weather lured me out this weekend - to the ZOO! The Lincoln Park Zoo is the greatest place in the city, I think, even better than Millennium Park. I've been going there since I lived in a tiny efficiency in Lincoln Park in 1984. I've gone in all seasons (even caroling to the animals in December!), with Ben at all ages, and then and now by myself. The gardens are as wonderful as the birds and animals. Having a free zoo is a wonderful thing; having a respected, successful, clean, friendly and free zoo is positively a miracle.

This lady (and her sister) were my favorite on Saturday. They've only been in the zoo since February. One was happily shredding a cardboard box and the other was settling down for a nap, also in a cardboard box. Boxes all around!
Eurasian Lynx

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