Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not at All Like a Wimbledon Judge

A trip to Shop & Save was in the cards today, so I chose walking shoes and worked from the ground up. These are Rieker's, mostly white with pale blue suede trim. I call them my croquet shoes because I bought them for a croquet tournament that I organized for the library six years ago.
Happy feet.
Rieker's are comfortable, but you have to embrace their weird, wacky style. I went round and round about buying these. "Do I look nursey?", I asked a friend. "Yes, a private nurse to a very wealthy invalid, but definitely a nurse."  I bought them anyway.

I added white RL jeans and a J. Jill floral top. 

The final touch was a pale blue Talbot's jacket. And here, I thought, it gets dicey. There's been some talk in the 'verse about MMFO - Makes Me Feel Old. That item in your closet that, because of its cut or color or style, makes you feel like you are celebrating your own Jubilee. With no royal barge or extra days off.
In my mind, I was adding and subtracting points. Add 10 points for white jeans, minus 10 points for white shoes, plus ten for cool earrings, plus ten because the jacket fits perfectly, minus ten points for being so matchy. The jacket has been on the fence for a while, because this is what I see in my head when I wear it:

Pretty Wimbledon Judge
But when I got to work I was complimented twice on the outfit. I also have an idea to liven this jacket up with a leopard scarf I just acquired. Yay! I get to keep it! I didn't really want to retire it.

And by the way - I ordered the Born boots in black. 

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  1. I like your outfit. And your highly entertaining and topical Jubilee reference.

    Your blue jacket would look fabulous with a lot of the yellow and orange in your wardrobe as long as they're similar in value (the color, not the price).

    I sadly no longer own any Rieker's shoes. Hmmm, may have to remedy that.