Thursday, July 25, 2013

You Look Just Fine

Words to live by. Yesterday I got several compliments; I preened my feathers and said thank you. Then I went home, snapped a couple of photos and was, um, less than thrilled with the results.

Hasn't looked at the picture yet.
I bought this cute tank from Garnet Hill in a lovely dove grey, but it was a little roomy in the armholes. I didn't have a clean white tank, so I stuck a little white tee under it and liked it in the mirror. I added leopard flats and a leopard scarf and liked it even more. La la la la.

I liked it all day and then I saw the picture, and whoa. Not happy. But - I had just read a blog post about the potential bullshit nightmare that is "figure flattering fashion" and I admit I am a slave to this myself. I'm always trying to look taller and thinner and smaller-chested and for all I know completely unlike myself. 

Now I don't know what to think. I really liked how the outfit felt, others liked it too - but the camera didn't. I am electing to forget about it, because it isn't a real problem, just a thought puzzle, but I am always curious to hear what YOU think (not about my outfit, about the thought puzzle). Do you ever say F*ck Flattering?

I opted for less thought-provoking today:

My $15 Land's End dress, Fidji pumps and a skinny yellow belt that might be Talbot's. The yellow in the dress is more mustardy than it looks in the lens. Not only was the dress only $15, it has a separate purple full slip that is perfect under my purple ponte dress. I dig my Fidji shoes and would like to own more of them.

Groovy, no?



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  1. Hi Lady, I must say that the first outfit DID look better in person that in the photo - think it's the way you are crossing your legs that's throwing the proportion off in the photo :) i do say f*** it to flatter SOMETIMES, usually when I want to wear something with absolutely no restriction around the waist. I get asked when I'm due and just smile happily.... once I even worked it and got a seat on a crowded bus thanks to my super-cute but highly unflattering baby doll dress.