Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pink and Blue Redux

Here's the lovely Ann Taylor pink pencil skirt. I went to Pinterest for inspiration, and repinned a few possibilities, but went with a Boden top, which never fails. I just realized that I wore this top less than a week ago, with my other new pink skirt. Huh. The skirt is a little roomy, which is pleasant on such a hot, sticky day.

It wouldn't hurt to have something at the waist, would it? Perhaps a silver belt? It seems like the waist is a little high. Other than that, I am completely happy. Note that this is my third pink skirt. Time to stop.

Heather, I'm really going to try the one fabulous thing a month approach. I've always been a quantity over quality girl (makeup, food, clothes, jewelry), and sometimes that works fine (jewelry), and sometimes not so much. The quantity approach allows you to have multiple little rewards. But that Ralph Lauren purse was really a lesson to me. It is great and I will love it for a long time. I'm not sure that will be true of an $80 t-shirt, but it is still worth a try.

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  1. yes, the "quality" argument does not apply to t-shirts :-) Or ANYTHING white (for me a least, I'll spill something on it immediately). Or sunglasses -the speed with which I loose them is directly aligned with how much I spent on them. Lost my $200 Prada 'investment' glasses immediately. Still wearing the $8-on-sale-at Marshalls-Jessica Simpson aviators two years later......