Monday, July 15, 2013

What's New, Pussycat?

Buffy helps me balance my checking account.
She's so fluffy I could die! (Agnes in Despicable Me). Yesterday, Riley was hopping and diving on an invisible cat toy, and when I bent over to look closely, it was a Tylenol. *sigh* I must get some real cat toys. Or look under the couch.

This is what's new, pussycat, or at least new to me. They aren't grouped as outfits, just in ways you can see what is there. First, a rust-colored silk Talbot's skirt via eBay, and a multi-colored tank from Kohl's.

A navy and white gingham button-front shirt from J. Crew and a white linen skirt, Ann Taylor via eBay.

The white skirt again, sorry, an electric blue shell from Ann Taylor, a pink lace pencil skirt from Ann Taylor, and a pink floral tee from Talbot's. The floral tee sounds kind of lame, but it fits great and is a flattering color. It will be cute with white jeans at the very least. This also makes three different pink skirts in my closet.

I will try to wear most of these seven new items this week, and tell the absolutely fascinating stories of why I bought them. All of these things seemed very important at the time I purchased them. 

Today, I wore this:

Aerosoles flats, blue eBay skirt and the lace top I bought a few months ago cheapy-cheap. This was inspired by an ensemble in the latest Sundance catalog, and I have leather accessories to pay homage to Mr. Redford. My hair is doing me no favors; it is wildly humid and I'm overdue for a bang trim. I might just go full-on curly tomorrow and embrace the rainforest.

The Sundance catalog moved me to make, yet again, the resolution to shop somewhere different, to try to evolve my personal style another notch, to buy one great thing a month instead of five good things. I think a higher price point will force me to buy only the things I adore, and not just the "Hey, it's an affordable white linen skirt - you want that!"  And more tunics, I want to find a way to wear that interesting and different proportion of long over lean. It looks so graceful and stylish on other people.

Willow Cardigan, $158 at Sundance.




  1. I like your resolutions to buy one great thing each month! i've learned that I'm better off spending more on one awesome thing that i've tried on, fits me and I love, than less on an unreturnable "bargain" i've bought one line and hence can't return but will never wear.

  2. Yes, the sundance catalog is full of beautiful photos .... But don't let them fool you. Much of their items are overpriced for the quality, and only look flattering on the 105 lb five foot ten models in the pics! I have sent many things back. Sure bets are the handbags, boots, and other accessories...and some of the jewelry. As an example, I am 5'7" and weigh approx 155. I too loved the look in the above photo, and ordered both the blouse and the cardigan in a size M. The pleats across the bust of the blouse look awful over my 36c bust, and the cardigan is thin, flimsy, and shapeless on. I imagine it would look like it does in the photo only if...we'll, i looked like the woman in the photo. That being said, I have some of the most gorgeous handbags and boots from them!