Friday, July 12, 2013

Pink and Blue

In silhouette, this is almost exactly the same outfit I wore yesterday. A loose, flowy top over a pencil skirt, with low sandals. the skirt is a variant of the Talbot's dark denim skirt I bought a few weeks ago, this time in a pale rose. Finally, a denim skirt I can love. I would have bought it in red also, but that sold out very quickly. The top is Boden, a rayon crepe in shades of blue to honor my manicure, and the aqua shoes are Miz Mooz. I also kind of want them in every color - pink! cognac! 

That blurry, overexposed image was the best of seven photos, seriously. Here's a better pic of the shoes and their wacky snake-ish leather. They are on sale at Zulily if you are interested - better than Amazon!
Miz Mooz Papaya


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