Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cool Neutrals

It's about a billion degrees with comparable humidity, so I ironed the hell out of my hair, and wore the white linen skirt. I was originally thinking yellow on top, but it seemed too cute.* Grey seemed a little more sophisticated, and I have a board meeting tonight. This will post while we're sitting down to dinner afterward.

The Ann Taylor skirt is pretty fab. It is lined, is a comfortable but not dowdy length, and has a perfectly flat yoke at the waist. It's also very easy to iron because it has no pleats, yay! With it I wore a Talbot's tee, grey and silver jewelry, and my new Miz Mooz sandals, which also kind of thrill me. They can be blue or green depending on what I need, and so comfortable. I'd like to get a new grey tee. This one is getting a little worn, and I'd like a little longer sleeve as well as a bit darker grey. But still, satisfactory for a rainforest day.

*I wore a pale yellow t-shirt with an olive skirt to run errands over the weekend, and everytime I glimpsed my reflection, I grimaced. A very pale yellow is not good for me at all. Strong yellow seems OK, I still love my sweaters and yellow military jacket. 

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  1. That skirt is fab!! Our air conditioning failed in half the building today. Our workroom became a little like Survivor... By the time we hit 83 in there people were half naked and slightly feral. I was not wearing linen.