Friday, July 5, 2013

Tablet Envy

I spent a lot of the conference wishing I had my own tablet. Everyone seemed to have one, and they looked so useful and convenient.  Also, because I use my phone for everything, I fear I'm wearing it out faster than the library will be willing to replace it. Their lifecycle is every two years, and we're only a year into it.

I also shudder to think how much easier shopping will be on a tablet. Online shopping is waaayyy too easy. If I had to go to a store every time I wanted new shoes, I would have many fewer pairs. And if I had fewer shoes, I might have more money to spend on a tablet. Huh. Maybe in the fall, they aren't that expensive.

Here's what I wore on Wednesday. Some old favorites; the brown linen pants, the blindingly white denim jacket, plus cheerful yellow Miz Mooz sandals that make me three inches taller, and an eight dollar yellow Ann Taylor top that you can't really see.

It's bright yellow and striped!
Ann Taylor has been very good to me lately. They have lovely colors and excellent sales, and their tops and dresses suit my figure challenges. I've never found pants I liked there, but in the last month I've bought three tops and a dress for great prices. I'm watching a drapey orange crepe dress, but it is still over $90 and I can't pull the trigger yet.

We had our usual community fun on the Fourth by walking in the parade, and this is what we wore!

Check out Heather getting into her Lady Liberty costume in the background. Last year it was the temperature of the sun, and I went home afterwards and lay on the floor with a bag of frozen peas on my head, but this year it was perfect: breezy and sunny.

Next year we will have some folks dress up as Kindles and iPads and iPhones and show the community all the ways that you can read.

"What a fascinating modern age we live in."
- Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey, Master and Commander -

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  1. Wow, I'll bet the Lady Liberty strip tease is a real crowd pleaser! I'll do lots for the library, but boy, I hate a parade.