Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ben was here and it was great!

Irazu on Milwaukee Avenue - yum!
 We ate and drank and visited the Ba'hai Temple in Wilmette. I hugged him many times. Then he went back to Rhode Island.

My boss is on an exceedingly well-earned vacation, so I am very busy being her and being myself as well. Hence no blog entries and no pictures. Two days ago I had pretzels and Nutella for dinner.

I tried to wear orange every day this week and nearly succeeded. Does orange nail polish count?


  1. You both are lookin' good!

    I'm wearing an dressed trimmed in orange with an orange sweater, orange amber ring, and pale orange watch. Someone told me I really looked like the boss today. Is orange a power color? I think that maybe the bun with the fancy chopstick through it looked bossy.

  2. " dressed" WTF? It's a dress. Sigh. I think I'm loopy from report writing. Annual report finished today (and tricksy since I've only been in charge or had much data from the last three months), monthly report for Board is due tomorrow. Ack.