Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lime and Tangerine

I am more colorful again. Yesterday and today I wore very similar color schemes, but only took pictures of one.
I actually had a better picture, with the jacket buttoned, but I deleted it. Oopsie! I wore the jacket closed and it looked much smarter. This is an older Talbot's linen jacket, lined, so it isn't all that cool in hot weather (the lining kind of defeats the linen-ness), a Talbot's skirt, and a Talbot's tee. And Talbot's shoes. Talbot-tastic!
These are the earrings I bought at the Bucktown Arts Fest:
Not from Talbot's!
They were made by Veronica Riley Martens and are a great pleasure to wear; very light, different but not wacky, with very secure French clasps. I hate little fiddly earring backs, but hate losing one earring even more. She gave me 15% off because I was wearing a pair of her earrings!  Yay! I adore this necklace too, and adore even more her quoting Bryan Ferry on her Etsy site.

The car is back in my garage, by the way, but I am $400 poorer. I realize this is not so much for a car repair, but I have not even owned a car for two years, and am out of the auto spending habit. 

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