Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buckwheat and Red

Only slightly more colorful on Tuesday, still feeling less like putting myself "out there", so I donned a couple of reassuring favorites. This red Talbot's skirt has been with me through divorce, a move, a job change, plus the gain and loss of 20 pounds. THAT'S a reliable piece of clothing. And that, frankly, is how I feel about the store.

The cotton sweater is also Talbot's. It's never been the most flattering thing I own, but I love the feel and cut so much that I give it points for sincerity if not for toadyism. Most of my clothes are total suckups, but this sweater has a bit of spine.

I'm also happy to show off the necklace and other bits. I've been wanting a leather necklace that wasn't too 70s (no peace signs, please) and had a nice soft cord. I figured I'd find one at the Bucktown Arts Fest this past weekend, but instead it called my name at Lord and Taylor! It's Lucky Brand and has a wee charm on the end of the cord. Also visible are older L & T earrings and a Lia Sophia ring (via eBay).

I had a charmed visit to Lord and Taylor last Friday. I went to Northbrook Court, where I haven't been in at least two years. It is so lovely and peaceful there, especially on a Friday afternoon. I found a pair of leopard print haircalf smoking slippers, the above necklace, a purple stone bracelet (I have almost no purple jewelry) and Jockey underwear ALL ON SALE. The necklace was fifteen bucks.
Aerosoles Betunia

The karmic balance for all of this retail joy was finding the next morning that I had left the parking lights on overnight and my battery was completely dead - leading to this:

Thank you, Tyler for being so polite and helpful. I'm so glad I bought the shoes BEFORE this happened.

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