Friday, August 17, 2012

Skirts and Such

When I was in sixth grade (1972), our dress code changed, and we were suddenly allowed to wear pants to school. My friend Lydia remembers this vividly also, and suggests it was not only because people were starting to clamor for the change, but because skirts were getting so short that the administration thought pants would be a relief. I remember many Ohio winters, waiting for the school bus wearing snow pants, or later, leg warmers, that I had to peel off and stuff in my locker when I arrived. I also still remember the dreamy outfit I wore on the first day of seventh grade: burgundy moleskin flares and a burgundy and gold paisley poet top with a leather lace-up neckline (both from Paul Harris, if that rings a bell). We spent hours picking out that first day of school outfit.

I had several babydoll dresses.

After that pivotal year I didn't wear a skirt or dress again for literally decades, unless someone forced me - weddings, maybe - and then it was complete torture because I had no idea how to pick out a dress and make it look decent on me. And how I HATED pantyhose. In the late 80s I had a job that required a skirt (this seems medieval now), and I bought ONE navy skirt and wore it every day. It was a uniform. Every other moment, I wore pants.

So it is with some surprise that I realize how much I like skirts and dresses now. I think they're more flattering to my figure. Pants hide my best bits, calves and ankles, but of course I didn't think those were my best bits in 1988. Anyway, let's see some skirts, shall we?

I have loved this Boden skirt for years, and of course was thrilled to wear my Born boots again, but the rest . . . eh.

Another Best Beloved skirt, the Michael Kors linen, and a Talbot's emerald green cardigan. I have half a dozen ivory tops, but I always end up wearing the Kohl's tank that my sister-in-law gave me, as it is opaque and slinky. 

I have new-to-me shoes on; Miz Mooz flats via eBay. They're very simple, with a super cute big button over the toes. They were a bit tight in the same area, but a little shoe stretching spray fixed that problem.

Fifteen bucks!


  1. Love that "carefree" pattern!!

    My favorite Christmas present was a long dress circa 1975. I begged for it. It had a taffeta plaid skirt, matching sash, white high-necked top with a velvet ribbon around the throat. I thought I was the fanciest thing on earth.

  2. Is that the dress you wore for your high school picture? Gazing soulfully off into the middle distance?