Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blue Steel and Ivory

Talbot's tee and skirt, Earthies shoes.
Because this top is somewhere between blue and gray, I dub it Zoolander-ish.

More wearing of the linen; I wore this skirt eight weeks ago and at this rate may wear it only three times this summer! The horizontal raw edge detail really blends with the horizontal wrinkles, don't you think? 

Sadly, the three things I ordered from Sundance must all be returned. The skirt was too tight in the waist and really not a great length on me, the jacket was the wrong color (my oops, and the right color is sold out), and the dress looked AWFUL on me. I wanted to love it, I really did. I wanted to love something out of that box, for Heaven's sake. So back it all goes, and that's all right, because I'll have a scrap of clothing budget left for August. It was a psychic burden, I tell you.

Ben just emailed me, thrilled with his first paycheck. Remember that feeling with your first full time job, where it's sort of like jail, the day is so long? And then you get that first HUGE paycheck and it all makes sense?  


  1. "Sort of like jail" made me laugh. Because some days it's really true.

    I think that skirt is genius - wrinkles become a design element.

  2. This outfit made you look super skinny curvy-skinny too!