Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Navy as a Neutral

I've been very colorful lately, and woke up with a bit of anhedonia, so I chose practically a black and white palette. Did you know that Woody Allen wanted to call Annie Hall "Anne Hedonia"? Probably just his little joke.

I'm wearing a black lace shell from Kohl's (closeup below), melange linen pants from Boden, and a navy cotton moto jacket from J. Jill. I put my purse on to convince you it was actually a color photo.

New pearly earrings from Ann Taylor!

1 comment:

  1. L'ennui, mon chou?

    I never pair navy and black because I'm afraid it will look like I didn't have the lights on when I got dressed. But I always like it when others do it. Maybe I'll try. I have a navy top that matches none of my other navy items that might look good with black.