Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching Up!

I am several outfits behind. I took the pictures, but we've been all budget all the time, and my brain is too fried to compose more than very basic posts.
Exceptionally shrubby hair.
This is my Anne Klein pleated skirt, which used to be reserved for special occasions (holidays, evening events), but which I want to wear more often. It's polyester, after all, so very easy care, and so swirly and pleasant to have on! The top is Nine West via Ebay, and my beloved red Spring Step sandals, seen here in electric blue (which I kinda want):
Still available on Amazon!
One of our staff told me she liked these shoes so much that she had bought a pair for herself in brown - and she is a young woman (by which I mean in her twenties)! What a compliment! Do we admit that some compliments mean more than others?  All are lovely and to be enjoyed, in any case.

Feeling that summer is waning, I'm trying to wear my linen as often as possible, this time a cantaloupe jacket with a striped tank underneath, and white jeans. I also made it to the salon, thank you very much.

Here I was also making an effort to wear a particular pair of shoes. I've had these for years and have worn them two or three times. They remind me of old-guy-on-the-Miami-golf-course shoes. What am I, Sid Caesar? Still, I love orange, and they're really well made, all leather inside and out.
Bitchin' shoes, Sid.
And thus we arrive at today, with beige linen pants, a Loft top and a red linen "jean" jacket from Jones New York. I love jean jackets. All those metal buttons act like jewelry for me, and I love the contrast between the severe lines and a flowy or lacy top underneath.

The pants are VERY wide-legged. My red Borns look like the Shoes of the Fisherman peeking out underneath.
For Christina, some papal footwear.
Sundance is having serious reductions on their outlet items in August (another 30% off!), so I bought a dress and a skirt that I've been coveting all year, and am considering a shirt and a jacket as well.

I've also had several exuberant texts from Ben - "I'm on a boat!" "Nate's house is big!" "Jeremy Renner was on Angel!"

Oh, yes, I remember.

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  1. One of our too young to watch it the first time around employees is enjoying Buffy/Angel for the fist time. He was also commenting on Mr. Renner's guest spot.

    I liked the parade of shoes, and I'm loving the girly outfit and especially that Nine West top. Very naughty librarian, in a work-appropriate way.

    I have the same feeling about the end of summer and linen, but given recent temps, what's the etiquette of wearing it in December if it's still the in the 80s?

    You look very svelte in all photos. Are you doing Olympic workouts?