Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dreaming of Neutrals

I got a new catalog in the mail yesterday, from The Peruvian Connection, and spent at least an hour happily browsing and imagining myself draped in pima cotton in warm, rich neutrals. Their slogan is Artisan Apparel for Nomads and Romantics. How I wish I were either nomadic or romantic! If I can't BE either of those things, maybe I can dress that way:
Romantica Dress, $218
As much as I love bright colors and high contrast outfits, I adore seeing a pretty girl (myself, n'est-ce pas?) draped in shades of camel, cinder, garnet, cognac, stone. olive and copper. I want every skirt on their web site, starting with this one.
Shadow Rose skirt, $149
Do not question my irrational desires! The heart wants what it wants!


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  1. Oh, pretty! I just tossed a ton of catalogs to avoid temptation. Now I'm thinking about going through the recycling.....