Thursday, August 2, 2012

White, Olive and YELLOW

Sometimes clothes are just clothes, you know? There is no compelling tale about yesterday's outfit. My Athleta skirt may look dark brown in the photo, but it is a dark olive green. I'm wearing a white ribbon yarn sweater from J. Jill (over a white tank), and those great yellow Miz Mooz sandals. The sweater is very airy, so is a good choice for a warm but not stifling day. 
I love being so tall.
Nine West watch (Amazon) and yellow quartz ring (eBay).
Shell and wood bead necklace (Kohl's)
Cheerful feet!

Even on a "just clothes" day, it's satisfying to take pleasure in the accessories. Tomorrow I get my hair cut, which will also be a happy thing. I also have the semi-annual Rotary dinner for new officers (I am one) and am mulling over what to wear to that. *sigh* Sometimes I think men have it so easy with suits. And then I think of my shoes and feel that men's sartorial lives are sad and empty.


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