Friday, September 7, 2012

Lilac and Aqua

Heigh ho, it's September! I'm still rummaging through my closet for things I haven't worn, and this cheerful Sigrid Olsen (eBay) skirt is one of them. For some reason I have never paired it with the lilac Kate Hill jacket (L & T), but it seems painfully obvious now.

My left heel has been paining me, so I wore my cushiony Riekers, which didn't help all that much. As someone posted eloquently on another blog, "I'm 53 and my feet are trashed."

They're so frumpy they almost cross back over into cool. Almost. Here's a closeup of the skirt and jacket to see the pretty colors better.

I took the BMW out to Barrington to visit Blonde Girl, and halfway there two new indicator lights came on.  *sigh*  One was oil, so I fed the reservoir, but the other was (part) of the brake system.  Apparently if all THREE of the brake indicators go on, the system has failed and you should stop driving immediately. Perhaps by running into a tree. But one light is just a warning, and it did go off again almost immediately.

We had a great time at Barrington's Fashion Night Out, sipping wine and trying on jewelry, and I didn't buy anything, and had awesome Shepherd's Pie at McGonigal's, which is in the heart of all that lovely shopping. The BMW started up and took me home successfully. A great evening!

I'm looking forward to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend with other Blonde Girl. Though seriously, what is up with owls everywhere suddenly? The macrame owl that lived in Karen's office for so many years would be wildly on trend now.



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