Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Clothes and a Big Adventure

Huh. Look at the time. My days have been a little more dense than usual, with new board members coming on board (see what I did there), and a July board meeting that followed the June meeting shockingly fast, and the commencement of the budget process.

The other, and more personally significant, news is that Ben has accepted a job offer in Rhode Island. I understand that Rhode Island is quite far away from here. I understand that, in theory, I may not see Ben for many days at a time. And I am very, very happy for him to have a job, to be looking for an apartment with a college friend who is from the Isle of Rodes, to be launching himself as young people should. I myself came to Chicago with two suitcases and my five favorite record albums. Made of vinyl.

All that optimism is going a long way to making me feel better about the fact that my favorite person in the world will be nearly a thousand miles away from me.

This is exactly the push I needed to plan a vacation back to Boston, as it is a mere hour away from lovely Providence. This way I can take Ben and his pals out for lobster rolls and see more of the beautiful coast.

So earlier in the week, while I was first thinking about all this, I wore some stuff, and didn't take pictures, and it was all super cute. Here's what I did manage to capture.

I attended a visitation for a friend's father on Thursday, so I chose closed toe shoes and something more somber than I would normally wear on a 90 degree day. This is my lovely, twirly ginger chiffon skirt and my stalwart RL polka-dot top. The proportions on this top are the Golden Mean of my closet; the sleeves, neckline and hem all hit at exactly the right spot.

Then came Friday, and something related to the Box O' Pink:

I look freakishly tall here, don't I?
I had ordered a pair of twill flares in this "pink salt" color from Talbot's, but the hip pockets just didn't sit right on me, as much as I loved the color and gorgeous soft fabric. When I returned them, I stumbled upon these twill ankle pants in the same color, the only pair in the store, (probably a return) and bought them in a heartbeat. They have brass zippers at the ankles. I'm wearing them with my cloverleaf cardigan (which Jo says is THE color for fall), and some heavy gold jewelry. I love my gold bubble ring. It was about eight bucks on eBay. The watch is a Skagen, also from eBay.
Worn on one hand for photographic convenience.
There is one item left in the Box O' Pink, and I will wear it when it is NOT 90 degrees outside. Have a lovely weekend!  


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  1. I'm so pleased for Ben. What kind of job?

    I think I have your ginger skirt in pink. I'm wearing the heck out of while the weather's hot.