Monday, July 30, 2012

One-Step Dressing

As my friend Karen said, it's hard to call a dress "an outfit." Generally, that is why I'm in a dress in the first place, because whatever outfit I had in mind didn't work out. Last Thursday morning I had a bed strewn with rejected items and an unworn dress in my closet. It was 8:56. Granted, it takes me five minutes to get to work, but still. This is a Dana Buchman dress from Kohl's, via eBay. 
The ID really makes this outfit, n'est-ce pas?
It was like wearing pajamas all day.

Ben update: he arrived in Boston Saturday night, his buddy picked him up and they went to a bar. :-)  I was despondent Friday and Saturday, but for some reason, his text from the bar cheered me right up. He is going to have a great time. I remember feeling exactly that way when I arrived in Chicago in 1984. And look how well that worked out for me!


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  1. Cute dress!

    I wore a cheetah-inspired top today. A colleague in another dept was wearing both tiger and cheetah prints. I told her that nothing on the Savannah was safe from us.