Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NEW Challenge - Pink and Pleated

Sometimes I buy things solely because they feel so good. Tiny pleats are one of those features; so swishy and body-skimming. Fancy without being formal. I tried this silky top on at the Talbot's store and nearly paid full price for it, it felt so good. But I held firm, and now it is 50% off online (in pink, black and white), and was part of the box o' pink that recently arrived at my door. I also bought a pair of ankle zip pants at Talbot's this weekend in a similar shade.

Clearly, a good "feel" doesn't always translate into a good picture. This was the best of five! It has a pretty split neckline that you can't really see in this overlit picture.
Cool enough to wear pants!

But I got lots of compliments at work, so that's all right.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes things look better when you move.

    I'm wearing a wrap top today and am supremely uncomfortable because I feel like I'm flashing the world. Happily I'm not on a public service desk until job #2 and can go home at lunch and add a camisole. I failed to remember the sit test. It's fine when I'm standing, but falls open when I sit. And I also don't have a safety pin. How can that be??