Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NEW Challenge - Green Eyelet Skirt

It isn't brand new, as I bought it on eBay, but it is new to me. I became convinced I needed a green eyelet skirt after I saw the dreamy Talbot's pencil skirt version (bright avocado!), as well as the kiwi J. Crew eyelet skirt for 2012. The Talbot's skirt sold out at full price, and the J. Crew version is long gone in my size. I went a'lookin' (suddenly I am one of the Country Bears) on eBay and found this skirt, which was cute and cheap and lined in white cotton.

I can't remember the brand - none I recognized - but it's way cute, yes? Cheap and cheerful, as they say. The scarf is from Ann Taylor Loft and the white sweater is J. Jill.

If it were a pencil skirt, then I could tuck in a button-front white or chambray shirt, which was my original desire, but this assortment is just fine. When it gets a bit cooler, I can wear a denim jacket and boots with it. today I wore silver flats that conceal my unpainted toes. Gotta give them a breather once in a while!

Pencil skirts nag my conscience a bit, because, seriously, NOTHING is easier to sew. No pleats, no gathers, no tailoring details other than a back pleat, a basic zipper, not even a set-in waistband if you find the right pattern (and believe me, I always do). They require very little yardage, and cotton eyelet is really cheap (and easy to sew). Finding the right shade of green would be a minor challenge, and, oh, taking my sewing machine out of my storage unit and into the shop for a tuneup.  

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  1. LOVE that skirt. I'm all about the full fun skirts lately. Nice in the heat, and when in the air conditioning, look great with cropped sweaters and wide belts.

    I had the Talbot's skirt in my cart and chickened out - I knew the lining would ride up when I sat down too much for modesty.

    You've made me want to sew a skirt. I'm keep thinking I could make a wrap skirt - no zipper. But then I go fabric shopping and decide I could buy a finished skirt on sale for cheaper.... Speaking of which, 70% off Talbot's sale. Yes, I caved, despite just saying I wasn't buying new clothes. I only bought staples, and mostly for winter. As if it will ever be cold again.