Friday, July 13, 2012

NEW Challenge - Navy Lace Skirt

This has got to be one of the prettiest skirts I've ever owned. A deep, deep navy (it often looks black in pictures), a non-shiny and non-itchy lace, and a really flattering cut. It makes me very happy indeed, particularly because it pairs SO WELL with my beloved Talbot's navy and white lady jacket. With the purchase of this skirt, I feel I have the perfect ensemble for an important meeting, interviewing job candidates, etc. The jacket also looks nice with navy pants, but the skirt really dresses it up.

Furry head lower right.
Underneath I wore my gray t-shirt with the silver bugle beads, which is a little unexpected and more comfortable than a blouse or dressy tee. I wore swingy rhinestone earrings. Here are some closeups.
Tulips? Maybe?

But the BEST part of the day was receiving a glorious souvenir of my boss' trip to the Mediterranean. She brought me a gorgeous silk scarf from Spain. 

It is made of two panels of silk, hand-stitched together with thousands of running stitches. These threads run off to the ends to make a self fringe. I've seen this kind of stitching called kantha, and it is used on textiles of all kinds. Wikipedia says it is done in Bengal. One side of the scarf has dancing ladies and paisleys, and the other side has blocks and tiny dingbats.

Hello! Orange!


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