Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boy, It's Hot

The air conditioning failed at the library Sunday afternoon, and by 9 a.m. this Monday it was BEASTLY. Therefore, I won't be blogging about the new navy pique jacket which I tried to wear that morning, but which hung on the back of my chair most of the day. Our valiant building manager got the HVAC people out lickety-split, but it was still sticky in the building until I went home at six. Below is the jacket; it is partially lined, with the sleeves and seams finished in a ticking stripe - very snappy!
Now wildly on sale, other pretty colors!

Sleeve lining and Talbot's bracelet.

The pockets (all four) were also lined with the striped rayon. I wore it with a print tank and olive green linen wide-leg pants. The pants, though linen, were lined, so also pretty sticky in the heat. They have a really long rise, so if I tuck anything in I look like Todd Loopner.
I discovered that haul videos are old news according to ABC back in March, 2010. 

I also wrote to my mother, email being her favored method of communication, to ask her if she used to love clothes as much as I remembered. Now 89, she doesn't particularly care, but I remember her clothes always looking and feeling really nice. My stuff seemed sticky or scratchy, and her dresses and blouses felt cool and smooth. She's always been a fan of natural fibers; maybe that was the difference. She also had long, slim hands and feet, and used to have boxes of Pappagallos in her closet, because those fit the best. Anyway, I hope she comments back to me.


  1. You know how I feel about the heat. Luckily the air conditioning is fine at work...so far.

    Lately when I go home the first thing I do is put on my thinnest cotton nightgown and sit quietly while sipping refreshing beverages.

    I have a linen dress that's both too ugly and too big (in every way - too long, too wide, and the arm hole openings droop down around my rib cage) to wear to work, but is fine for around the house in case I have to pop out for a few minutes. I belt it and pretend it's not hideous if I leave the domicile. It's pretty inexplicable that I own this. Even more so that I tried it on before I bought it and I think I paid full price. Maybe I was in the grip of heat exhaustion when I bought it as it is the coolest thing I own. Basically if I stand very still it really only touches my body at the shoulders and upper chest. And it's sooo soft. At least it's a pretty nice color. :)

  2. ChiLibrarian, you are describing all my nightgowns. You can read print through them.