Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Work Those Pastels

It won't be summer for long, people. Soon we will all be in navy and camel and burgundy and longing for light colors and fabrics. At least I will.

The cardigan is new from Ann Taylor. It will look smashing with the AT coral pink skirt I bought last month. The yellow is somewhere between lemon yellow and lime green, in the citrus family, at least. I'm wearing my Miz Mooz sandals, though you can't see them very well. 

It's time to replace some of my go-to tees like this one, so I went to the Talbot's "we're giving it away" sale and bought short-sleeved tees in yellow, red, pale pink and white. That will last me another year, and the current rotation can be washed and given to goodwill.  I always feel that I waited just a wearing or two too long before replacing them.  I give them a dubious sniff and roll my eyes. This time, I will be proactive and toss four of them at a time.

More pale yellow below, worn with my beloved polka-dot top which I am definitely trying to make last forever. I also have fantastic hair as I have just come from the salon. How luxurious it would be to have a shampoo and blowout every week like rich ladies.
I have orange finger tips:

This particular polish (the same brand as my blue nails last month) is cheap as chips and utterly fantastic. The brand is Walgreen's specific (Sinful Colors, in-store only) and about $3.00 a bottle. It wears like IRON - this nail job is a week old. I can only have long nails if I polish them; they're very soft, and split and flake like croissants otherwise. I like having polished nails, but I also get a little obsessed with them when I do, and that feels fussy to me, so after a week or two I cut them short and breathe a little sigh of relief.  

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