Friday, August 30, 2013

Mellow Yellow

It is worth noting that I spent eight and a half hours looking at Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) systems WITHOUT LUNCH yesterday. Therefore when I got home I did not fire up the camera and take a picture. Rather, I raced to the refrigerator and snarfed down some delicious leftover tagine with green beans. I wore a yellow cardigan, beige linen pants, and a yellow and russet tank. Note to self: I think that tank will also look good with red pants.

Today was the last day of Yellow Week. It is in the nineties, which ruled out any black or extraneous layers or closed toe shoes. The tie on this top is usually worn in a bow, but I kind of liked the long black line when it was undone. It gave it a certain middy blouse feel. Did you know this phrase comes from midshipman? Perhaps you should read more Patrick O'Brian.

So, yellow voile skirt, Spring Step sandals, Nine West top. And I'm kind of tired of yellow.

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