Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Color of Anxiety?

Yellow is in the running (with orange) to be my favorite color. I don't own many things in yellow, but what I do own gets a lot of wear year-round. I wear orange in the summer, but it tends to be more cantelope and less terracotta.

There was a minor in-joke about yellow making the rounds at work - it is a stimulating color and a psychologist friend suggested that it can promote anxiety. I always understood purple to truly be the color of crazy, but that may have more to do with a certain childhood friend than any demonstrable research.

At any rate, I plan to wear yellow every day this week. Yesterday I wore yellow sandals, a yellow watch and a top with some yellow in it, but the outfit escaped the camera because I had such a headache after my hair appointment. Dangling over the rinse and tone bowl for half an hour does me in.

Ann Taylor jacket and striped tee, Jones New York linen pants. My headache was still lurking this morning, and I forgot to wear the new bracelet I bought over the weekend. My head looks nice, though.

Heidi and I went to delicious Irazu on Saturday, and then to the Bucktown Arts Festival, where I bought earrings and a bracelet. I would have bought another pair of earrings, but the artist did not accept credit cards. Qu'est-ce que c'est? She did not have a website or an Etsy account either. Her stuff was gorgeous and inexpensive, possibly because she is new to the fest circuit and hasn't realized what kind of prices she could set. Her name is Maggie Joyce, and I'm definitely looking for her work elsewhere. There are a handful of images on Pinterest and Google:
Earrings made from recycled optic lens material, very lightweight with a matte finish.

 I don't exactly regret that I didn't spend another forty dollars at the Fest, but  *sigh*, she sure made pretty things.

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