Friday, September 6, 2013

Change Agent

I looked for an image of a shed snake skin, but they were all surprisingly icky. This was intended to illustrate the feeling I've been having of wanting to remake myself in some way, shed some of the wardrobe bits that feel fussy or cheap or the wrong side of quirky. When snakes moult they emerge gleaming, bright and glossy, but it's hard work and takes some time.

This was spurred, I suspect, by my comparing myself to someone I literally have never seen, but who in my mind is is bit more effortless, a bit more elegant, a bit simpler in her personal style. Not minimal exactly, but with no sense of working at it. I am conscious of the constant trying to get it right.

I recently read a great post at Wardrobe Oxygen about the feeling that your "true" self doesn't match what is most flattering on you. The plaintive query came from someone who felt a bit punk rock but received the most compliments in more girly, vintage ensembles. She wondered how to find balance between how she felt, how she wanted to be seen, and how she was perceived. Complicated. The response from Allie was great, and the many comments showed this is a common puzzle for women.

Two days ago I wore a long, ocean blue swing tee with black linen pants and a long simple necklace. I felt so elegant, comfortable and expensive (a very nice feeling), but I know that visually, a swing silhouette is not my most flattering choice. Which is why I have no pictures to show you.

Yesterday I wore this: 
My Apt. 9 dress, a boysenberry linen jacket, a wide brown leather belt and my nude Earthies. And it's cute. The colors are nice, the fit is swell, the proportions are perfect. But it didn't speak to my fashion fantasy.

My fantasy makes me want to throw out this dress and most of the little jacket/skirt/dress/cardigan ensembles I own. Shed my current snake skin and revel in my gleaming new look. I have a few things in my closet that are perfect for that imaginary woman. But the truth is, I'm not sure that woman has enough variety in her wardrobe for me. I like almost every color in the palette, not a carefully chosen three or four. Not to mention that some of my cheapest purchases are my very favorites.

OK, you're wondering, does she have a POINT? And I guess it is that I feel a bit itchy in my fashion skin, and I wonder if larger changes should be contemplated as we enter a new season. Hmmm.  

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  1. Hello Darlink - my thoughts:

    1. I actually thought that swishy ocean blue tee looked fabulous on you. Very flattering and elegant. I should have told you. Maybe you are not seeing the same thing in mirror that others see on you ... that's kind of the point you note, I guess.

    2. A pared down minimalist wardrobe works if each item in it is something you absolutely love and feel great in when you wear it. You can't put a price tag on that. The challenge if finding those perfect things though...