Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Purchases

1.   What about this jacket?

This is the ivory Boden cotton ponte Elgin jacket, for which I paid a very reasonable price. What I don't like about it: it has a pretty but fairly heavy cotton lining, which gets crumpled and shows through the light color of the exterior. Ironing the ponte fabric was tricky enough without trying to iron the lining too. Boden loves those cotton linings, but polyester would have been a better choice in this case.

But, it fits really well and that notched neckline is very sleek. It is truly ivory, but but I could wear it as a white jacket too. Heavy enough to wear in cool weather, but comfortable with a tank in office AC. I will probably wear it to work and let Heather vote in person.

2.   Couch!

Feet up at Macy's
Yummy ivory leather (again, more ivory than it looks in the photo), lovely firm back and seating, reasonably priced, will be delivered in July. I CAN'T WAIT. A new couch has been on my Things I Want list for years. This is clearly the upside of having grown children, as Michelle pointed out. Also, the cat fur will just blow away, and it's so slippery I will be able to play air hockey on it with Riley!

Enjoy it while you can, my furry friend.

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  1. I can see the throw that you'll need for cats to shed on already.