Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sandal Weather, and Some Eggs

I was so pleased to pull out linen and cotton for the first time this year. I even polished my toes and put on sandals!

I have done a lot of clothes shopping so far in 2013. My little spreadsheet shows an average of $307.40 spent each month through May. This is the sum total for 36 new items, plus a packet of tights, socks and underwear. That works out to about $37 per item (not counting the lingerie), but the $300 purse really skewed that average, hee hee.  The purchases have also been fairly distributed across clothing categories, a few dresses, a handful of skirts, four pairs of shoes, etc. 

I have been highlighting those new things I have not worn on the chart, as a reminder not to let them languish in my closet. 

Having relocated almost everything across closets, I see that my summer wardrobe is much smaller than my Fall/Winter collection. I have fewer multiples - only one brown jacket instead of four, one pair of summer shoes in each color, instead of three heights of boots in six different colors. The closet is much less crowded. Well, winter clothes are heavier weight, too.

Green linen Jones New York jacket, White House Black Market skirt, Arturo Chiang sandals. I'm very fond of these sandals, but they are getting scruffy. Sandals just aren't long term property the way boots are.

Boden gauze top, Ralph Lauren red jeans, red Born flats. This was peppy but simple.

This is breakfast for dinner! From the bottom up; waffle fries, refried beans, sauteed spinach, poached eggs, a sprinkle of cojack cheese, and homemade salsa. Yummy, easy, pretty.

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  1. Loving the skirt. And the waffle fries. I'm currently dressed in an outfit I'd have happily worn in 1985: Striped dress, leggings with lace on the bottom, black cropped sweater, intentionally mis-matched Betsy Johnson socks, and menswear-inspired leather oxfords with ribbon laces.