Friday, May 31, 2013

Love Your Closet

Sometimes it feels like no small accomplishment to love your closet. When you add up the organizational time and thought, the ruthless weeding, the discovery of color theory, figure flattery and textile chemistry, the positive affirmations to love your body while acknowledging your fussy feet - well, that represents the equivalent of designing and building a nuclear plant in order to flip on a light switch.

Most mornings I slide open the closet doors with pleasure and anticipation even if I already have an outfit ready to go. My closet represents an oasis of orderly cleanliness that the rest of my home will never achieve. The only inroads are the rare cat hair tumbleweed. I organize clothes by color, and then by item type within that rainbow. I wonder if this is good feng shui? The clothes themselves seem happy.

The sliding doors are a little tiresome. If I had bifold doors, I could see the entire closet at a glance - which would make it easier to both pick things out and also to put clean clothes away. The second thing I would alter is having no full length hanging space. I inherited this closet, of course, and it was clearly laid out for a single man. Which is fine with me 95% of the time, as about that much of my wardrobe is separates, but the few dresses and long skirts that I do own drape awkwardly over the lower rack.

My modest involvement in Pinterest helps me love my closet too. For every potential outfit that I pin, I can discover the equivalent piece on a hanger. I have white jeans, a denim shirt and a black jacket: no problem!

The inspiration.
The interpretation.
I thought it was too warm to wear a jacket, and also had an interview this morning, so I didn't want to wear jeans. I also considered these variations:

 The skirt is pretty, but a little tight at the waist for a Friday.

I didn't like the proportions with the shorter skirt. I wore black and silver jewelry, but you know, gold would have been better, now that I look at it. Gold would have warmed up the outfit a bit.

My closet generally seems infinite - but I don't have anything like these:
Miz Mooz Papaya Sandals, $75

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