Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spots and Blooms

I trundled two large bags of clothes off to Goodwill on Sunday, and saw these along the way.

It was delicious outside; cool but brilliantly sunny, and Des Plaines looked its best. Many yards had been mown for the first time, all the fruit trees were blooming, and the air smelled fresh and sweet. As I was walking, a friend pulled alongside and called out "Happy Mother's Day!" Ben called me in the morning too, of course.

The next day found me back at work, and I wore my new Ann Taylor polka-dot jersey dress. Still cool enough then to wear tights and boots, but it is 80 degrees today.

The face and the empty dish say volumes.
This definitely needed a bright red necklace or a splash of non-matchy color, but I couldn't quite get there. Here is the dress on its own. It is very stretchy and flattering, but boy, I think I look pretty darn big in this picture. Hmmm.

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