Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pleasure of White

Allie of Wardrobe Oxygen is blogging about Project 33, in which you make a wardrobe out of 33 items in your closet, and/or consider which are your 33 favorite pieces of clothing.

This white sweater would definitely be one of my 33 items. I've had it at least a decade and it still looks good, it is forgiving no matter what weight I am, it is the perfect length in the torso and in the arms, I could go on and on. J. Jill tape yarn sweater, J'adore.
I wore it with brown linen pants, leopard shoes, and this great necklace that I found on eBay. The pendant is an ammonite - a fossil version of a nautilus. I am quite enamored of nautiluses. Nautili?

The rest of the necklace is turquoise nuggets with silver findings, and a few little brown beads that look like peppercorns. It was sold as vintage, and I have no idea if the turquoise is genuine or not, but the ammonite sure is. It's funny, but I never used to like turquoise, but since my sister in law gave me a "turquoise" bracelet, I found myself wanting more of it. It's so good with bright colors, and jazzes up neutrals.

I could not possibly pare my wardrobe down to 33 items for a single season, but it was fun to think about which are my favorite items In my case, most of them became favorites over time. After I wore them a hundred different ways and still loved them, it proved to be a long-term relationship and not just an infatuation. I have more than a few crushes in my closet, ladies. Unsuitable boyfriends, like my Missoni for Target dress.

The dilemma is that by the time you know it is true love, the sweater or skirt may a bit worse for wear (there was never a truer cliche), and you have to start thinking about replacing it. But no new item will capture that depth of feeling right off the rack. In this frame of mind, you wander around, longing for that deep red wool crepe Princess-seamed jacket with a three button closure and usable welt pockets.

I suspect I will find true love with my Ralph Lauren purse. How about you?

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  1. My loves include: a Liz Claiborne simple black v-neck shell that skims and isn't too long or short. It's wearing thin. I have a printed Talbot's skirt that keeps on giving, and a winter coat that I just can't quit. But I really should.