Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spending My Tax Return, Part Two

Another very groovy thing that happened in April was getting my tax return before I left for Providence. Not only do I not consistently get money back, but I usually have some financial hole or other that the money must fill. Two years ago it was medical bills, for myself and Ben. This year, there was nothing pending, and so we enjoyed a full week of not checking the bank balance once or twice a day - or before we ordered dessert.

Not that I bought anything of note. Lots of good meals, some clothes for Ben, some tea at Tealuxe, a very cool pencil from RISD, and a new candy dish for my desk:

How cute is that! I'm sure it is meant for small children, but I reject conventional limits.

Speaking of RISD, I spent one morning at their museum while Ben was at work. Their galleries are spread over at least five floors, including a museum that was built to look like a wealthy merchant's Benefit Street home, and some niche spaces like gardens and terraces and bridges. The exhibits were beautifully curated and less pompous self-conscious than most museums. One exhibit, of "everyday" design, had five Little Black Dresses interspersed with more industrial objects.

Karl Lagerfeld upfront.
This exhibit also included a gorgeous Italian typewriter from the Sixties, which was a very early example of all lowercase design in the logo and name. The sample typewriter actually had no upper case letters to type with, but of course Olivetti added them to the models they sold.

The valentine.
But enough about my adventures. You want to see the Boy! Lets start with his mailbox.

I'm not sure why Ben is an elf in this drawing.
You don't want to see, or even hear me describe his apartment, so here he is on the shores of still-frozen Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks.

So handsome, working his Spike look. I keep telling him he should go platinum blonde.

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  1. To paraphrase Ms. Stewart - all good things! I'm not sure about blond Ben, but Mother knows best?? Do you keep the dish mostly empty so that you can see the bee? Adorable.