Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Once More Into the Breach

This outfit illustrates many things that I know better than to wear (still learning to write, sorry).

I forgive the blobby sweater, because it is cashmere as light and soft as a cloud (Ann Taylor in praline, yum), but it gives me that terrible egg shape that is the antithesis of everything I actually like about my body. Underneath is the mythical lace tee that I was searching everywhere for last year, but which is sheer and requires a tank underneath. Also, it tore a small hole in the side seam on the first wear, which serves me right for buying something so cheap.

The Talbots pants are a grayish pink and I love the soft twill, but that cut isn't doing anything good for me. They date from the Box O' Pink episode, and I wore them several times last summer. I think I wore them with little sandals which . . . helped? Goodwill? And the shoes, oh my, so sad.

Although I have been avoiding the scale, the months of January through April were full of stress eating, and it shows, at least to my eyes. I look pudgy and pale. However, that purse classes up everything I own. 

Ralph Lauren, the last one at Lord and Taylor, and at $300, more than my monthly clothing budget, but oh so worth it. At least I had a 15% off coupon.

Contrast, if you please, THIS outfit, which is so much more successful.

The sweater is Prive cashmere, from eBay and the dress is purple ponte from Lands End. About 40 smackers total. I look long and lean and am having an excellent hair day.

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  1. Welcome back!! Those gray boots are fab, too. You look gorgeous, darling. New hair style?