Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red and Purple

One of my FAVORITE color combinations! This outfit began with a more royal purple knit skirt, but it wasn't heavy weight enough, and clung to my tights, so I changed to this one.
The sweater is merino and requires a lining camisole to prevent itchies. The skirt is really more of a deep pink but looks purple enough against the deep red sweater. I have on black tights and boots, which is why my legs seem to trail off into nothing.

The whole "feeling fat" thing went away - go figure. Maybe I had just had some really salty food? We used to call that "the Greek food hangover", when you go out for a few plates of flaming cheese and sausages and olives and pilaf (and a couple of glasses of retsina) and wake up the next day unable to wear any of your rings.  At any rate, the day after my rant, I put on a plum blazer with a ginger silk skirt, matching tights and shoes, and felt lovely. Still sticking to salads four nights a week, though.

And can you tell I still don't have my new tripod? Heather took this picture for me. I'll go tripod shopping this weekend for sure. 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE this combo. It's arty and still seems powerful. Excellent necklace, too.

    Salads four nights per week? You're a saint. Unless you're having three martini lunches and steak for breakfast.