Friday, November 9, 2012

Black, White and Velvet

Of course, I don't reach the top of the pyramid every day.

The top is Jones New York via eBay, and a little big, but so lovely and silky that I don't really care. I have the arms scrunched up for the picture. The pants got pulled out of the Goodwill bag this morning. They were there because they are a cat hair magnet and and also pinch my tummy. However, the color is great and they make my legs look longer, and that was essential with this long boxy top. Maybe I'll hang them back up in my closet. I wore my pointy black ankle boots, which you cannot see. I'm wearing two silver necklaces, virtually invisible against the print.

I will be in upstate New York all next week, so no blog updates. I'm not even sure how well my phone will work in Forever Wild, but I'll definitely take some pictures with it. See you soon!

Buffy gets nervous when I pack.

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  1. I'll miss virtual you. Have fun! Nice to see the lovely, yet elusive, Buffy.