Friday, November 9, 2012

That Grey Skirt

I had something entirely different laid out for this morning, but it seemed too much "work", by which I mean it felt like I had to hold my stomach in all day. I was going to wear the yellow pencil skirt, a black and white long sleeved top and a yellow skinny belt. It looked good, no doubt, but it also felt, I don't know, sort of attention-drawing. I didn't feel up to that. Puzzling.

So I went to my closet and thought about Favorite Things.

I love this J. Crew striped shirt. They don't call it the Perfect Shirt for nothing. It's just the right length for my new (ahem) grey skirt. Then I thought about my red Boden boots, also beloved, and the rest was easy.  Seriously, when I put this on I didn't even REMEMBER this picture. From, you know, five whole days ago.

Funnily enough, the Rotary "boys" (all in their 60s) made a big fuss over me and the red leather boots at lunch.  I felt like a go-go dancer (young and blithe). So trying to avoid attention didn't exactly work out.

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  1. Ha! I thought you were using the idea from the blog. Those Rotary Dudes know a good thing when they see it.

    BTW, loved the Boden skirt (well, whole outfit) from yesterday.