Thursday, November 22, 2012

Albany Arts

I flew into the Albany Airport when visiting Mom, and I adore that airport, so I took some pictures this time.

Since Albany is the capital, they've devoted time and money to what is essentially a small town airport. There are less than 100,000 people in the community, but the airport has multiple art installations, reliable and powerful wifi, and an eclectic gift shop featuring merchandise from dozens of small regional museums. So get yourself a latte and a cinnamon roll, and we'll tour some of the artwork.

So this is pretty cool, right? The whole installation fills a wall, so it's maybe ten feet across and six feet tall. Up at the top you can just make out a herd of mustangs, and Mt. Rushmore, and maybe some elephants, and throughout the piece the forms hint at faces and places that are more recognizable when you're looking at it full size. But then you get up close:
And it's willow twigs, all hand-knotted together with bits of twine!

Then there were several hanging installations of invented historical artifacts (the artist called them "treen"), modelled on small functional wooden items from the nineteenth century. Wikipedia says these are actual things, but in this case the artist made her own from found objects.

Same installation, photographed at two elevations.
Finally, and I am only sampling this beautiful space, there was the whimsical Cormorants and the Whale:

It reminded me of the scene in James and the Giant Peach, where all the seagulls fly the peach over the open ocean.

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